Slow Flow Vinyasa

Vinyasa connects breath with movement. This energetic and dynamic creative vinyasa sequence will guide students through sun salutations, standing and seated postures, inversions and other poses. Classes improve students’ strength, flexibility, balance and mindfulness. This practice digs deep into your current study, with modifications offered by the instructor to develop your individual practice. Classes are suitable for all skill levels. 

Multi Level Yoga


This class is a medium intensity practice that allows students to work at their own level in a group setting. We will practice simple meditation and breathing techniques to help us tune in, focus and calm the mind. And we will combine breath and movement as we move through a full body practice of poses to strengthen and stretch.  Class finishes with a conscious rest in our peaceful studio.

Transformative Yoga

Explore the balance between asana, pranayama and guided meditation and how these elements fit together into the complete practice of yoga. Each class will focus on a specific chakra (energetic center) and the body systems, practices and awareness that relate to it.
Understand and apply tools for gentle but potent expansion. Learn how to regulate prana flow and develop a transformativeawarenessof both the physical and subtle bodies. Grow in strength and flexibility and refine your nervous system through breathing practices and mental focus.

Pranayama, the 4th limb in the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga is the gateway to meditation. Understand the ‘Lost limb of Yoga’. Beginners as well as teachers and advanced yogis will find tremendous growth and expansion of their knowledge and practice of yoga in this special class.
Due to increased oxygen intake while practicing Pranayama, all the body tissues are replenished with newly cleansed blood that has passed through the lungs…This super oxygen and nutrient rich blood then nourishes all the body systems. There is an increased elasticity in the skin, balanced metabolism, reduced stress, alleviation of depression and anxiety, and a tendency toward an energetic yet relaxed disposition. 
In this class there will be a short asana practice to open up the nervous system followed by both theory and practice of a wide array of pranayama techniques. Each class will close with a different 20 minute meditation to stabilize and integrate the opened and nourished nervous system after the pranayama practice.