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What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga focuses on working deeper tissues – ligaments, joints, deep fascial tissues, and bones.  Poses are similar to other styles of yoga but the approach is different.  All poses are done seated or lying down.  Yin is unique because we relax the muscles and use gravity to come to our edge.  We resolve to be still and hold for an extended amount of time. Benefits depend upon your personal intention. Improvements in flexibility, mindful awareness, and stress level are common.  With a continued practice, physiological, mental and emotional, and energetic benefits can be discovered.
Yin Yoga is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after styles of yoga. Perhaps it is because we are craving the qualities that a Yin practice provides: stillness, simplicity, self-examination, and just being in the present moment.  These are the elements that make up the heart of Yin Yoga.
Yin Yoga is not to meant to replace other forms of yoga; it is designed to balance the heat building side of yoga and other forms of exercise.
The real Yoga is what’s happening on the inside.

In these trainings/workshops we cover: 
History of Yin Yoga
What are Yin and Yang?
What are the Yin and Yang Tissues of the Body?
Theory of Exercise
Physical, Mental, and Energetic Qualities of Yin
Compression vs.Tension
Build a Case for Yin Yoga
Hands-on Meridian Drawing
Explore the 12 Basic Postures
Sequencing and Teaching

My goal for these workshops/trainings is to influence the participants to explore the practice further.

I have written a 50-page manual that each participant will receive that is comprehensive, easy to use and will give a well-rounded introduction to the physical, energetic, and mindfulness practice of Yin.