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  • ivy Yoga school 1042 Owensville Rd 22901 United States (map)

There seems to be so much division and suffering in our community and inside our experience these days. The Medicine Buddha offers healing for our mind and body by recognizing and purifying the afflictive emotions; anger, attachment, ignorance. Our habitual methods of responding to the world prevent us from feeling the peace and kindness that is our natural state.

Join us for this one day retreat on the Medicine Buddha (Sangye Menla)
Fees: $45

Taught by Venerable Gephel.
We hope you will come for the whole day or feel free to come to any of the sessions you would like. 

The essence of the Dharma is liberation, this state of freedom from suffering and the afflictions that cause it.  Afflictions are the real enemy that destroy our happiness, and the task of the buddhist practitioner is to defeat this inner enemy. Confronting or averting afflictions does not mean surprising them or pretending they do not exist, which can be unhealthy. Rather, we must notice afflictions and apply an antidote so that they cease, like tossing water on a fire to extinguish it.  -Dalai Lama