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JULY 2: NEW MOON SOUND BATH with AiiA Criostiona

  • The Ivy Yoga School (map)

JULY New Moon in the sign of CANCER
(first of 2 new moons in July)

"Cancer is focused on the home environment, family, relationship, mother (and Mother Earth). Relatedness, responsiveness, trust, belonging, nurturing, growth, and finding our place in the tribe, village and world.

New Moon in Cancer initiates an awakening into a new part of yourself or new role that you will play in your life. Divine Feminine energy expands the heart consciousness, opening your emotional body to "feel" your way into this greater awareness of yourself and how you want to nurture and express this "new you".

Join us for this new moon crystal bowl sound bath and meditation as we focus on aligning these new energies of self-awareness and creativity, embracing your Heart song & dance of Life. These energies are further empowered by a Solar eclipse that will shine a light brightly on any shadows that are rising into your awareness for deeper healing of our psyche and soul."